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  • AMC Online UPS Service

    We shall be responsible for the maintenance of the UPS. The AMC of the UPS cover all parts of UPS system but shall not cover all “Batteries and Isolation Transformer” install with UPS. We shall also ensure a minimum of                        one visit to the location for Preventive maintenance in every three months
  • Online UPS System After Sales And Services

    Our primary objective is customer satisfaction i.e. providing the customers the quality services at Lowest Price possible along with Prompt After Sale Services. We are committed to provide support and solutions to our user within 24 hours throughout North India and 48 hours for the rest part of country.
  • Online UPS Repairing Service

    Our obligations shall be limited the repair or replacement of any part of the UPS .We should assure a minimum down time and attend to all breakdown calls within 24 hours from the time of receipt complain call from the “client”. The maintenance services will be offered between 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM on week / working days only.
  • Battery Sales And Services Support

    We would like to introduce ourselves as authorized dealer of SMF-VRLA Batteryfor Quanta, Exide, Okaya & Rocket makes with very competitive & discountable price list
  • Clients
  • . U.P. Handicraft Development & Marketing Ltd., Lucknow & Saharanpur ( U.P.).
  • Baghpat Co-Operative Sugar Mills Ltd., Baghpat (U.P.)
  • Fertilizer & Pesticides Quality Controls Laboratory, Meerut ( U.P.) 
  • Post Master General, Regional Office – Bareilly with 10 Nos. Districts( U.P.) . 
  •  J.P. Institute of Engineering & Technology, Meerut ( U.P.)
  •   Venkateshwara University, J.P. Nagar ( U.P.) 
  •   I.I.T. ,Roorkee ( U.K.)
  •   District Development Office , Pauri ( U.K.)
  •  Roop Ram Institute of Education, Saharanpur ( U.P.)
  •  Chief Engineer Office, Irrigation Department, Meerut ( U.P.)
  •  RMS, Postal Department, Saharanpur ( U.P.)
  •  RMS, Postal Department, Meerut ( U.P.)